2016 VADEA Conference

Call for papers for the 2016 VADEA Conference

This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting papers for the highly anticipated 2016 VADEA Conference is just 16 days away: on the 24th of March at 5pm. This year we want to hear from you about art In The Public Domain.

How to apply:

  1. Download the submission form here
  2. Fill it out
  3. Email it back to contact@vadea.org.au.

Your abstract must be submitted in PDF format as an attachment to an email. Please ensure your paper is carefully proofread before uploading. All submissions should be sent to contact@vadea.org.au with the subject line ABSTRACT SUBMISSION.

Paper theme:

Submissions must identify and relate to the overall theme of the conference and one of the following sub-themes:

In the Public Domain might refer to:
• Art in the Public Domain that is available and accessible to all
• Ideas that can be shared- including opportunities and challenges in Visual Arts Education
• A motto for contemporary living- the world of our students, selfies, sharing, contemporary culture and mass audience.

Presentations by individuals/ groups must be 20 minutes in duration. Practical workshops / art making demonstrations are to be 1.5 hours in length. The lodgement of a paper does not indicate automatic inclusion in the conference program.
• Paper receipt and acceptance will be acknowledged to the person submitting the paper.
• Further communication will be with the submitting author only unless otherwise directed. We recommend that the contact details belong to the main author that will be presenting at the conference.
• The main author must be registered for the conference in order for the paper to be accepted.

Please get in touch via email or Facebook if you have any questions or need help filling out the form. We look forward to your submissions.