Call For Papers – 2017 VADEA Conference

K-6 teachers, secondary visual arts teachers and tertiary educators are invited to contribute to the dialogue on New Materialsm and submit abstracts for Research Papers, Workshop Presentations, Poster Presentations and Pecha Kucha short presentations in one of the areas of inquiry below.

Download the Registration form for details.


Areas of Investigation based on the conference exploration of New Materialism and innovative practice in the Visual Arts:

Select one of the following areas of inquiry:

1. [re]turn to matter – tradition and innovation in visual arts contemporary practice.

2. New modes of authorship and the evolution of the artist in the 21st century

3. Implications of philosophical, scientific, cultural and political tenets and practices on visual arts education in the 21st century.

4. Exploration of multidisciplinary practice (digital, multimodal and relational) in the visual arts classroom e.g. teaching and learning program, unit of work or case study

Select one of the following modes of delivery:

a. Research Paper and PPT Presentation (20 min presentation)

b. Workshop (1 hour presentation)

c. Poster Presentation (display board presentation or 3 minute video)

d. Pecha Kucha (7 min short presentation, max 20 slides)

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be sent to as a PDF attachment. Subject line: VADEA call for papers, Abstract Submission Deadline for submissions is 5pm, 3rd April, 2017. Notifications for Papers, Workshops, Poster presentations and Pecha Kucha on 7th April 2017