Mission Statement

The Visual Arts and Design Educators Association of NSW seeks to promote the study of Visual Arts and Design education and to inspire and support Visual Art and Design teachers.

Our strategic goals include:

Professional Development

VADEA NSW will coordinate, plan and implement professional development programs that enhance the ability of members to be effective and valuable educators, leaders and advocates for visual arts and design education. Professional development broadly addresses the concepts of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional commitment. More specially, it seeks to empower educators in their practical/technical and conceptual knowledge of content, nurture teaching and learning practices, and foster leadership and team building capacities.

  • This goal will be addressed through the learning and interactions between educators that take place in the annual conference, specialised workshops, regional workshops, other meetings of the association, publications, services and activities.

Building a More Cohesive Professional Community

VADEA NSW will work towards building a more cohesive professional community amongst visual arts and design educators through enhanced communication strategies that facilitate the professional development needs and recognition of members. Building this professional community involves a professional commitment on the part of members to enhancing their professional knowledge and professional practice.

  • This goal will be addressed through various strategies including a membership drive and the renewal of memberships; the branding of the association; the development of interactive web based communications with and between members (and non-members); posted reports from the President and executive members; occasional professional publications, e-news; and member blog.