VADEA 2018 Conference

SAVE THE DATE:  4 & 5 MAY 2018

“On the Verge” VADEA 2018 Conference

To waver and wonder
Oscillate between
Desire a tangible balance between known and unknown
Leave your firm footing and venture ahead towards a curious ambiguity,
In the hope of new knowledges and experiences
With a simultaneous sense of familiarity and risk
Familiar unknowns and dangerous known
Tracing thresholds physical, material, conceptual and experimental

(Courtesy of Helen Yip)

The VADEA 2018 Conference will be held at The Boyd Education Centre set on Bundanon Trust’s magnificent Riversdale property overlooking the Shoalhaven River.

Riversdale and Bundanon are administered by the Bundanon Trust and were gifted to the Australian people by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd. The conference will be a wonderful opportunity to experience these two iconic sites and engage with the practices of artmaking, art history and art criticism.

This will be the first VADEA conference held beyond the Sydney metropolitan area and we hope delegates will have an exceptional experience at the Bundanon Trust properties with their rich history of site specific art and exhibitions, strong artist in residence program, extensive art collection and excursion opportunities.

The Education Manager at Bundanon Trust and the VADEA executive are in the process of initial planning for the 2018 conference. Ideas being considered are providing a conference bus from Central Station to Riversdale and returning to Central (approximately 3 hour journey each way) and accommodation options.

We also plan to include a specific primary day at the conference to provide artmaking experiences in the beautiful Shoalhaven and access to the indigenous history,stories and art making activities from the local community.

More details to be announced.

Photo credit: Bundanon Trust